What Types of weddings do you accommodate?
Civil, Destination, Double Weddings, Eco-Friendly/Green, LGBT, Military -- Pretty much everything!
What Wedding Planning Services do you offer?
From Hourly services to help with things like putting together favors, to Full Planning and everything in between. 
How many planners do you work with?
Although our Lead Planner Stacy works on every single event herself, there are currently a total of 4 planners on staff, with over a dozen Crew available as needed. Your event may only have 1 Planner, or we may pull out all the stops. It's completely up to you. 
What style of wedding do you specialize in?
We are quite diversified and can work with you to plan YOUR ideal wedding.
Do you support or cater to any specific religion?
We don't discriminate - All religions are welcome. 
What size weddings have you coordinated in the past?
We have done small, intimate affairs for 10, and large extensive gatherings of 500. we have the staff available to handle any size event.
What should my budget be & why do I need one?
Your budget is important. It decides how much you can spend on different things, what type of wedding you are having, & it is what a Planner uses to keep you on track. This is the first thing a Planner needs from you to start planning your wedding. So decide  what is most important to you & who can pay how much into the total cost. If the Planner knows you need a fancy venue, more funds can be allocated towards the venue than the dress or decor. Be realistic with your budget & budget more than you feel you need. A good starting budget for 50 guests is $8000 in some localities, but it comes down to the area, what you want, & what you're willing to do yourself.    
What venues have you worked at or are familiar with?
We have worked at so many venues in southern California that we lose track. No matter where you choose to host your event, we have the means to do so.
Why can't I just use the venue's coordinator?
The venue's coordinator is there for the venue, not for YOU. They won't be there to make sure you look your best, seating is arranged properly to avoid any possible conflicts, & they aren't going to be available before the wedding to help you plan. You should at the very least have a 'Day Of Coordinator' (DOC), a service offered by most full time planners. The venue's coordinator is no where close to the same thing.
Why should we hire you?
You should hire your Planner based these reasons.
 -Can they do the job?
 -Do they have the experience?
 -Can you see yourself spending a great deal of time with them between now & your wedding?
These are the reasons you should consider. As the bride you might say "What about the cost?" Hiring a good planner, who knows their job, will save you money. They will help you find quality vendors who match your budget & needs, avoid costly mistakes, & help keep you sane in those moments of panic.   


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